Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wax - California

      Wax is a punk rock band that formed in the early 90's in Los Angeles, although most of the band originated from Chicago.  "California" was their big hit single off of their second album "13 Unlucky Numbers", released in 1995.  Spike Jonze directed the video "Hush" off their first album "What Else Can We Do", this video, and the majority of their other video's.  In 1995 this song reached #28 on the "Modern Rock Billboard Charts". This video appeared in the episode of Beavis and Butthead "Another Friday Night", I think this is where I first saw the video.  Another great song off the album was "Who is Next", it was licensed to Nike for a commercial.  Wax also appeared in Pauly Shore's movie "Bio-Dome", during the party scene.  They also did a cover of Ren & Stimpy's song "Happy Happy Joy Joy", on the album "Saturday Morning - cartoons greatest hits".  They also had a song titled "Mallrats" that was on the soundtrack to Kevin Smith's movie titled "Mallrats".  I have listened to these guys for a long time, and they still hang with the punk bands from today.  Give them a listen I'm sure you will love it, and if anything else it is a great video.  You can buy the album here on  Amazon MP3

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