Friday, September 2, 2011

For Squirrels - Mighty K.C.

           For Squirrels was a alternative rock band from Gainesville, Florida.  This hit single "Mighty K.C.", was off of their second album "Example" released in October of 1995.  I first saw For Squirrels on MTV's late night alternative music show "120 minutes".  I immediately went out and bought "Example".  This was my new favorite band.  It was soft and hard at the same time; with their bright sounds and frontman Jack Vigliatura's wide range of vocal capabilities.  They have been compared to bands like "R.E.M." and "Nirvana", but like so many bands from the 90's,  they broke the mold with a sound of their own.  Soon after declaring "For Squirrels" as my new favorite band, I found out of the tragedy that befell the band.   On September 8, 1995, they were coming back from the "CMJ Music Marathon", and got into an auto accident.  The lead singer (Jack Vigliatura), bassist (Bill White), and tour manager (Tim Bender) all died from this fatal accident.  Guitarist (Travis Tooke) and drummer (Jack Greigo) sustained injuries, but survived.  The album was still released by "Sony" about three weeks later.  The remaining two members went on playing by the name "Revolver" for a while, and in 1996 played under the name "Subrosa".  The single "Mighty K.C." was titled in honor of the late "Kurt Cobain".  This whole album is great from beginning to end.  Some of my other favorite tracks are "8:02 PM", "Superstar", "Under Smithville", "The Immortal Dog and Pony Show", but my ultimate favorite For Squirrels song is "Disenchanted".  I have listened to this album for sixteen years, and it is still one of my favorite's of all time.  I am sure if you give it a chance it will be one of yours too.  You can buy the album here on  iTunes  or Amazon MP3           

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