Tuesday, September 6, 2011

SeLF - So Low

           Self was a alternative pop/rock band from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Two Brothers Matt and Mike Mahaffey started the band, just recording songs at the house.  Matt sang lead vocals and played guitar.  Mike played lead guitar.  They picked up bassist Tim Nobles, keyboardist Chris James, and drummer Jason Rawlings.  They have been compared to bands like "Weezer".  This video features a hit off their first album "Subliminal Plastic Motives", released in 1995.  In the mid-90's alot of bands were trying to make their own sound, mixing genres like, alt-rock, pop-rock, punk-pop, and alot of bands like these were the forefathers of what became today's "Emo".  The band went on to release a seven more albums, three of which they released free via internet only.  They dropped a couple members and picked up a couple more over the years, but their first album was my favorite.  A couple other great songs off the album were "Marathon Shirt" and " Lucid Anne".  The whole album is great, check it out.  You can buy the album here on Amazon

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