Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sunny Day Real Estate - Seven - In Circles

           Sunny Day Real Estate was another alternative rock band from Seattle, Washington in the 90's.  The band consist of frontman Jeremy Enigk, guitarist Dan Hoerner, bassist Nate Mendel, and drummer William Goldsmith.  The band members minus Enigk, formed a band under a few different names before the four came to become Sunny Day Real Estate.  The bands first album "Diary" was released in 1994 under Sub Pop Records.  They had that local grunge sound of Seattle, mixed with more hardcore guitar and softer-strained vocals.  This was truly the beginning of the "Emo Scene".   At this time Emo was not even a genre.  Sunny Day Real Estate were so far ahead of their time, and were definitely one of the very first Emo bands.  This video is off of their first hit single "seven".  The whole album was great. This album was so great I have to add another one of my favorite songs, " In Circles".            Every song on this album was great, but just to mention a few more of my personal favorites "Shadows", "#47", "#48", "Grendel", and "Song About an Angel" are surely worth checking out.  That year the band played on an early "Jon Stewart Show", and recorded several live songs for MTV's "120 Minutes".  In 1995 the band released another album labeled Sunny Day Real Estate.  It was pink and had no artwork.  Sub Pop distributed it as LP2, but it was widely referred to in circles as "The Pink Album".  My favorite song off of this album was titled "8" which I think was titled as a reference to their first hit "Seven".  A few other good songs on that album to mention were "5/4", "Theo B", "The Ocean", and "Rodeo Jones".  After this album was released the band split up.  Mendel and Goldsmith joined up with  former members of  "Nirvana", Dave Grohl and Pat Smear.  The four started the alt-rock band "Foo Fighters".  Enigk started a solo career and released one album.  In 1998 the band reunited, minus Mendel (who was still a member of the Foo Fighters) to release the album "How it feel to be something on".  I still like the sound of the original four members the best, and hope you give both of their first two albums a listen. You can buy the album here on    Amazon MP3  or  iTunes

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